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Where Handheld 3D Scanners are Used

The industries should be planning ahead and they must create those better products fast. Also, they need to make sure that those components can follow the original design intent of the highest standards to avoid those safety problems. You may divide the product development of one component in three steps and they are design, manufacturing and the quality control.

The new product must first begin with the design. The mockups and sketches are made and then the first CAD model is also created in order to come up with the first prototype. Once those parts go through manufacturing, then tooling is needed and this should be maintained to ensure quality. The first article inspection would allow the manufacturer to take various measurements of such first part created in order to verify that this matches the original 3D model. When such doesn’t, then this would go back to the design or manufacturing and this will have to depend on the root cause.

The entire process is surely relevant for the aftermarket producers in any industry. If you work in the aftermarket industries with existing products that need to have a certain component changed or customized, then reverse engineering is what will be used. This will permit you to obtain the dimensions from that original product and make sure that the new product is going to fit perfectly.

There will be many things accomplished with the use of the handheld 3d scanner. You have to deal with various challenges in the process so that you may optimize productivity. Such is where 3D scanning would surely come in handy. The handheld or the portable 3D scanners are definitely now becoming a necessity for those who are searching to make the best projects at a small amount of time and without spending so much. Such portable Go3DPro 3D scanning technology may certainly be utilized for several applications in the product lifecycle management process, whatever is the experience in 3D technology.

Also a use of the 3D scanning is for competitive analysis. By using the handheld 3d scanner, then you will be able to easily analyze such products that the competitor has so that you can make yours better for the customers.

You do understand now that 3D scanning is really becoming a very important for any actor in that product development. Productivity will surely increase in a significant manner. The capacity of responding fast in troubleshooting something or in that approbation step while making sure that you are able to get things right each time is something which the 3d scanner is able to bring to the business. To know more about scanning, visit this website at

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